Letters to the Editor, Aug. 13



The Aug. 9 cartoon depicting two folks in a cottage setting stating that the upside to the forest fires is that they “removed the mosquitoes” is extremely offensive. How may your paper and Sue Dewar particularly diminish this tragedy in such a callous method?
Robert Laing
(It wasn’t meant to trigger offence)
I perceive that there are unfavourable emotions towards Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. Certain, issues achieved previously by folks in energy (kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, and so forth.) will not be politically right in the present day, however that’s no motive to take away statues, take the individual’s picture off in the present day’s forex, or change the title of faculties, streets or parks. There’s a topic in our schooling system that is named historical past. Everybody has studied it sooner or later of their life. We study issues from historical past which can be good and dangerous, and due to historical past we will impact actual change now and sooner or later by not repeating previous errors. Sterilizing our current society and the historical past books of some folks due to wrongs they did based on in the present day’s societal views doesn’t assist future generations from repeating the identical wrongs.
Robert J. Moskal
(And what’s really gained by tearing down the statue and placing it in storage? Nothing. It simply makes some folks really feel higher about themselves when the bulk perceive that we can’t erase our historical past)
Anthony Furey is completely right in regards to the Saudi-Canadian “controversy” — it’s certainly manufactured (Aug. 10). Nonetheless, the appearing is simply as a lot by Justin Trudeau as by the Saudi authorities in Riyadh. He desires to faux he significantly challenges the deplorable human rights data of locations like Saudi Arabia. What amusing! For years, critics of Trudeau have rightfully identified his light-weight feminism and LGBTQ advocacy. This virtue-signalling media model lambastes (or prosecutes) Canadians who don’t use made-up gender pronouns, however ignores institutional hatred and brutality towards girls and homosexual folks based on sure interpretations of Islam, each inside Canada and all through the Center East. Trudeau’s parlay with Riyadh is a case of pathetic model over actual substance. Give the Liberals two weeks and they are going to be again to their normal human rights and ladies’s rights fare, like complaining about manspreading and mansplaining on the subway methods of Toronto and Montreal.
Kristopher Evans
Canberra, Australia
(Furey actually places this controversy into perspective. However as you rightly level out, it’s subsequent to unattainable to take something this prime minister says or does significantly)
Illegally owned weapons are right here within the metropolis in alarming numbers. However they require bullets. How about controlling the gross sales of ammunition?! Ontario (or Canada) may create an ammunition management board. It may very well be configured any variety of methods, however mainly it may work like this: When somebody desires to purchase extra ammunition, they must show authorized possession of the gun. Ammunition sellers can be required by legislation to maintain a listing of names, addresses, proof of possession, what sort of bullets and what number of bought, date of buy, and so forth. Sure, bullets might be smuggled into Canada in addition to weapons, however it could actually sluggish numerous shootings down.
Gayle Rickard
(So a bullets registry of kinds. Didn’t work out so effectively after we had the failed gun registry and it wouldn’t on this occasion both. Backside line is there stays a large market that may proceed to illegally acquire weapons and bullets. Legislation enforcement wants to have the ability to do their jobs to discourage this)

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