A Look At The Smallest Magnetic Deflection CRT Ever Made


A high-resolution LCD or OLED display screen is a commodity element that we are able to purchase on just a little breakout board and plug into our microcontrollers with out spending greater than a greenback or two. We will purchase them in sizes starting from sub-postage-stamp to desktop TV if our budgets stretch that far, and they’re straightforward to drive in each sense of the phrase. It isn’t so way back although high-resolution LCD, even a small one, was a significantly costly element. In client digital units similar to camcorders engineers went to nice lengths to keep away from these prices, and [12voltvids] recently took a look at one of them.

Contained in the viewfinder of a miniaturized Sony camcorder is a CRT. It’s pretty mundane within the scheme of CRTs, in that it’s a monochrome gadget with no sudden options. Besides that’s, for one factor. It’s tiny, with solely a zero.5″ inch display screen measurement. All the pieces else is identical as your classic full-sized TV, it has an electron gun and a deflection and focusing coil pack, however the complete gadget has been miniaturized to the purpose at which the coil pack is bigger than the display screen it’s driving. On the accompanying PCB are all of the help circuits, together with a tiny flyback transformer and a single IC –  a Rohm BA7149 digital viewfinder driver that’s as close to as doable a whole CRT TV on a chip. That’s it, the entire gadget runs from a single 5 volt provide.

He doesn’t give the date of the camcorder, however on condition that it appears as if it makes use of 8mm cassette tapes and has a curved miniaturized design slightly than the angular black exteriors that had been trendy earlier we’d guess it to be from a while across the yr 2000. To present it some context, on the time one of many hottest items of client electronics would have been a Diamond Rio MP3 participant, and in case your desktop PC had the primary of the AMD Athlon processors you in all probability thought-about it to be concerning the quickest you can hope to personal. The shock then is that Sony nonetheless thought-about it extra economical even at that time to make use of the CRT and related circuitry than a tiny LCD. Both means we’d agree with him that it’s a keeper, an interesting curio for any electronics fanatic. If we see an outdated camcorder going for not loads, we’ll actually give it a second take care of this.

Thanks [Rahul Chawre] for the tip.

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