Cat Robotic’s Secret to Slim Legs? Banish the Motors!


The very first thing to note about [Bijuo]’s cat-sized quadruped robot designs (hyperlink is in Korean, Google translation here) is how slim and glossy the legs are. That’s as a result of not like most legged robots, the limbs themselves don’t include any motors. As a substitute, the motors are in the principle physique, with one driving a half-circle pulley whereas one other strikes the limb as a complete. Energy is transferred by a cable performing as a tendon and is offset by spring stress within the joints. The result’s gentle, slim legs that carry and transfer in a outstanding gait.

[Bijuo] credit the Cheetah_Cub undertaking as their unique inspiration, and names their very own variation Mini Serval, on account of the ears and consistent with the feline nomenclature. Embedded under are two movies, the primary exhibiting leg and gait element, and the second demonstrating the robotic in movement.

There’s a couple of technique to make a robotic cat, after all, and here’s another design that doesn’t utterly evict motors from the limbs, however nonetheless manages to maintain them wanting glossy and nimble.

[through Let’s Make Robots]

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